About Us

We specialize in providing in game fan participation experiences.  Specifically, moments after our "Own a Piece of the Action" items are auctioned off, the winning bidder will be watching their new item live in the event!  When your athlete has a legendary performance, you can shout, THAT'S MINE!!  

Own a piece of the action™ items are patent protected and distinct from other items because they are being sold before your favorite live event and will be in the event.  This allows fans to participate in-game by literally owning a piece of the action!

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Thank you for your interest in Fanticipate!

CAUTION: Owning a piece of the action may cause extreme excitement.  Watching your favorite athlete clutch up under pressure may cause heart palpitations, screaming, and tears of joy.  Please consult with your physician before bidding on any "Own a piece of the action " items.