Auction Rules

Auction Rules

Fanticipate offers two types of auctions for fan participation: Event Auctions and Open Auctions.

Event Auctions

Event Auctions are scheduled events that coincide with an actual event (game, race, or any event with items available for bidding). Fans bid on items that will be used in the event, prior to the start of the event (all items are auctioned off at the same time with the same end times), from competitors who are scheduled to compete in that specific event. All of the items offered in an Event Auction are from verified competitors.

Open Auctions

Fans and verified competitors can offer items and experiences from past events and/or personalized experiences related to a specific category (horse racing, hockey, soccer, etc.). The items offered in Open Auctions have their own start and end time and are based on past events or collectibles from historic events or competitors.

Regulation Bidding Period

The regulation bidding period is a fixed time period where fans can bid on available items. After the Regulation Bidding Period ends, there will be an Overtime Bidding Period where each new bid will extend the auction for an additional 5 minutes. In order to be eligible for Overtime Bidding, fans must place at least one bid on an item during the Regulation Bidding Period.

Overtime Bidding Period

The Overtime Bidding Period is dynamic and can end if either: 1) A winning bid stands for 5 minutes and the clock hits zero, or 2) at the final deadline prior to the event. Overtime Bidding allows any fan that has previously bid on a specific item, to participate in a final bid-off with others who have also bid on that specific item.

How it works:

  1. When Regulation Bidding ends, the highest bid becomes the leading bid and bidding is closed to new bidders.
  2. An additional 5 minutes is added to the clock and previous bidders have the ability to continue placing bids against other previous bidders. NOTE: In order to be eligible for extended bidding, a user must place at least one bid at any point during the Regulation bidding period.
  3. If there are not any new bids during a 5 minute period, the highest bid will be announced as the winner of the item and the auction closes.
  4. If a new bid is placed, the clock (and bidding) extends another 5 minutes and bidding remains open.
  5. At the end of the Overtime Bidding Period (final deadline prior to the event), there will not be any additional extensions and the final bid wins.


Autobidding allows fans to set their own maximum bid for an item. After auto bidding is set and a maximum bid is established, bids will be made automatically, raising bids placed by other users by $10 increments until the item reaches your maximum bid.

For example:

*Fanticipate is not responsible for any items that are lost due to auto bidding malfunction, other auto bids triggering prior to yours, but before the cutoff period. It is encouraged to always monitor your bids and to create manual bids when necessary.

**Auto bidding will NOT bid unless there is a competing bid. You cannot outbid yourself.


Once the auctions are complete and the event begins, you own a piece of the action and can experience the event with a vested interest along side one of the Competitors. After the event has concluded the competitor ("Seller") has 72 hours to initiate shipment of the item, unless there are extenuating circumstances such as Covid-19 restrictions or other similar disruptions. It is still the seller's responsibility to communicate shipping details if delays occur. Once the shipment is initiated, you will be provided with a tracking number to monitor its progress to you.


At the end of any scheduled auction, you have the ability to post the item you have won to the open auction for immediate bidding to begin. You will be required to set the start/end times of the auction and it will show the original seller (competitor) from whom it was purchased.


Fanticipate will provide you with shipping labels to make fulfillment as easy as possible. The label provided MUST be used as it contains information (such as tracking number) that will be communicated to the buyer. Your offering of the items posted to Fanticipate establishes a binding contract between you and the buyer. Failure to fulfill the contract by sending the item prior to the event constitutes a breach and both parties agree to submit to binding arbitration.